The Bane of Tamaril

The Bane of Tamaril

After defeating the Serpent People, our heroes proceeded to search the dungeons of the Keep. There they discovered many prisoners and vowed to help them escape.
Myev entered the Mess Hall and began a vicious barfight. The rest of the party began to herd refugees out of the dungeons. They were soon spotted by guards. In a moment of desperate inspiration, Lokken told the monsters that they were the new leaders of the Bandit Gang, appointed by Ssethai before she died. He then told them that Ssethai’s killers had left the dungeons and to search for them. Meanwhile they would take the refugees out of the tunnels. Ssethai had wanted these filthy humans out of her nice clean dungeons, dammit!
The monsters fanned out into the woods, while our heroes managed to smuggle the refugees out. It was here they had a choice to make: get them to Cresta, a free city that was farther away, or take them to law-clad Two Hawks, a city that was closer—but less hospitable. It was decided that Cresta was the way to go.

After seeing the refugees to a Hospice of Sanat, our heroes retired to an inn to celebrate. It was decided that Emola Shal needed to be found. Lokken was not pleased with the way he duped them, and Markham was of the mind that such a man should not have access to powerful artifacts. Amalin considered it her sacred duty to see the quest through to the end. Myev then declared that she would not be joining them: the appearance of such a powerful celestial donkey indicated that Yevla was laughing favorably in her general direction, and a pilgrimage to the Sacred Circus was needed. With laughter and farewells, Myev departed the group to seek her future.
Our heroes are now ensconced at the Pinchwhistle Inn, and that is where we shall pick up.

The Bane of Tamaril, Part One, Chapter Two

The heroes spread out about the chamber. Not only must they contend with Ssethai, but also her minions—two snakemen trained in unarmed combat. Amalin called upon her god, mighty Sajuras, and summoned the power to smite evil. Ssethai was struck a mighty blow, but vicious pride forbade her from fleeing. Myev, meanwhile, prayed with laughter to Yevla for aid. He answered the only way he could—he sent a celestial donkey to aid Myev in her fight. Lokken began to dodge and weave about, using the unpredictable fighting style that has kept him alive for so long. Markham brought forth his greatsword and brought to bear all the fighting skills that have made his family legend…

The Bane of Tamaril, Part One, Continued

The ruins of Flagstep Keep offered little to the eyes of our heroes. Little more than a few walls and a dilapidated tower, the ruins held a deeper secret. Before the heroes could enter the Keep, a man came running from the ruins. He was beaten and bloody, wearing only rags. The heroes noticed that the man had a shaven head, leading rise to the speculation that this might be the ‘Egg-Man’ the serpent orcs referred to. Upon questioning the man, they discover that he is Emola Shal, a wizard. He tells the heroes that he had passed himself off as a god to the creatures in the dungeons of the Keep to rule over them. When they discovered the truth, the monsters turned on him. He only managed to escape, and now needs the heroes help. He asks for the use of a magic item, that he might siphon just a bit of magic to recharge his powers and get home. Emola Shal siphoned a charge from Lokken’s Wand of Expeditious Retreat and teleported home. Before doing so, he gives the heroes the location of his tower, and tells them that he will help them on their quest if he can.

As Emola Shal disappears, Markham notices a snake slithering into the ruins of the Keep. The heroes enter the ruined tower and discover a tunnel leading into the dungeons. After exploring the rather unremarkable passageway, the heroes notice another rough cut hole leading to a deeper passage. They also notice the mark of a local bandit gang. Once in the tunnels, the heroes discover a passage that ends abruptly in a rough hewn wall. After several tries, Myev closes her eyes, laughs to Yevla, and steps through the illusory wall. The others follow her example. They party is now in a passage with clean, worked walls. Torches burn every few feet, and music can be heard from one room. Creeping down the hallway, Lokken and Markham discover that the noisy room is in fact a mess hall for the bandits. Monstrous humanoids all, they wonder what to do. Myev realizes that she can easily infiltrate the mess hall by simple virtue of the fact that she is herself a half orc. Myev learns that the bandit gang is now controlled by a cult of an ancient serpent god, and the main temple is at the end of the hall. Exploring this temple, the party comes face to face with Ssethai, a demonic serpent woman and her serpentmen attendants. After a confrontation, the party learns that the Artifact they came to seek has already been taken—by Emola Shal himself…

The Bane of Tamaril, Part One

The Story begins in the city of Cresta, at the Church of Sajuras. Amalin, a young paladin, has been tasked with exploring the ruins north of the city. Since it is the policy of the Church to ally with the Marchwarden Society, Amalin is granted a traveling partner and ally: the warrior Markham. The Church also gives Amalin the use of a prisoner in the dungeons—the rogue called Lokken. Amalin and her cohorts visit Warden, the aged Librarian at the Church. He tells them that their party is not yet complete—they must seek one who is loud. They are also told that the Artifact they seek may not be in the ruins; they must prepare for a long journey. Upon leaving the Church, the party sees a crowd in the square. The crowd is gathered around a large half-orc dressed in spiked plate and garish silks. This is Myev, a cleric of Yevla, God of Jesters. Amalin begins to speak with Myev about joining their quest, citing not only the inherent goodness, but the inherent comedy as well. While this discussion continues, Markham and Lokken notice that they are being watched by a rather strange elf. Lokken, himself an elf, sidles over to the elf and engages him in conversation. This elf is Tenja, and his eyes burn with a strange light. The tattoo on his temple is familiar to Lokken, though he cannot at the moment place it. Tenja knows more about the quest than he should. He cautions Lokken that elven loyalty should be paramount in his mind. Negotiations concluded, the party breaks up to tend to whatever personal business they must before setting out on the quest: Markham and Amalin head to the Adventurer’s Emporium, Myev heads to the Yevla Shrine at the Punch-the-Shield Inn, and Lokken heads to the Pinchwhistle Inn for a bath. Lokken’s bath does not go quite as soothingly as he wants. He is visited again by Tenja, and is now able to place the strange temple tattoo: Tenja is one of the Teln, the psionic elven secret police. Tenja gives Lokken a magical crystal that will help track the artifact. It seems the Teln want the Artifact for themselves. Lokken is no fool—he knows the Teln would abuse its power. After meeting back up, the foursome sets out to the north. They travel for two days before reaching an outer edge of the Banewood. While camping for the night, they are attacked by a trio of orcs. The orcs have been mutated to a new form: they have glistening, scaled skin, slitted eyes and forked tongues. After a vicious fight, the surviving orc was tied to a tree and questioned. The party discovers that this orc serves a new god, an ‘egg-man’. Amalin realizes that the orc means a bald man. After further questions, the party learns that the orc comes from the very ruins they seek—Flagstep Keep.

The next day, the heroes arrive at the Keep…

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