The Bane of Tamaril

The Bane of Tamaril, Part One, Chapter Two

The heroes spread out about the chamber. Not only must they contend with Ssethai, but also her minions—two snakemen trained in unarmed combat. Amalin called upon her god, mighty Sajuras, and summoned the power to smite evil. Ssethai was struck a mighty blow, but vicious pride forbade her from fleeing. Myev, meanwhile, prayed with laughter to Yevla for aid. He answered the only way he could—he sent a celestial donkey to aid Myev in her fight. Lokken began to dodge and weave about, using the unpredictable fighting style that has kept him alive for so long. Markham brought forth his greatsword and brought to bear all the fighting skills that have made his family legend…



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